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What Does Your Brand Say About You?

Updated: Feb 22

how to create your personal brand

Everyone has a brand. Don't believe me? Google yourself. What do you see? The answer is your brand, regardless if it was intentional or not. Your social media accounts, digital portfolios, blog articles, websites, and how you share your ideas and thoughts contribute to your image and identity, a.k.a. your brand.

A solid and recognizable brand can significantly impact your sales for a successful business. The majority of customers today are what we call "belief-driven," which means they want to support companies or brands that represent a powerful force for change. A personal brand follows a similar influence.

That's why we're writing this article, to help you develop your brand. Let's get started.

Complete Social Media Accounts

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you must create and complete your social media accounts. When someone is researching you, they will check out your social media accounts before deciding what they'll do. So it's essential to have your social media accounts exactly how you need them.

You'll want to have some consistency and uniformity in what you wish others to glean from you within your accounts. What does your profile picture say? Does your headline align with your goals and purpose? Are you using eye-catching imagery?

We recommend having at least these social media accounts:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

A Positioning Statement

If you're in sales or marketing, you won't be shocked to hear that having a powerful positioning statement is a must-have. Your positioning statement should be succinct and answer, "What are you about?"

When you're creating your positioning statement, remember your audience. You might be answering what you're about, but it's for your audience. You can connect with your audience and show what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Here are some tips for formatting your positioning statement:

  1. Keep it short. Try not to go over 2-3 sentences.

  2. Try not to use industry terms. Your readers might not know what it means.

  3. Use action words to describe yourself. You're not your title. You are a human being with a purpose.

  4. Avoid overused words like "strategic" or "driven." If you ask anyone what they are, those words will be used to describe them. Find words that better represent you.

Keep A Consistent Schedule

Take a moment and think of your favorite YouTuber, journalist, influencer, or company. What is one thing they all do? Consistently provide new content.

Consistently posting content through your various platforms helps to keep you top of mind and relevant to your audience and customers. You don't need the same posting schedule for each forum. Whichever schedule you choose, stick to it. Your audience will begin aligning with your schedule as they anticipate your next posts.

Remember that you want your posts to be relevant to you, but you don't want to make it so over-the-top blatant that it's a self-advertisement. Make sure each post contributes to the larger conversation while conveying your point of view.

Stay Humble And Classy

Sharing your story is a piece of the puzzle but remember that you are the brand; your brand is not necessarily you. You want to hold yourself and your brand to a high and classy standard. Don't bad-mouth competitors - that actually gives your competitors free advertising. Instead, focus on what you're doing.

You want to focus on your brand to be about business, but it's important to remember you're human. Being human means you're relatable. Talk about colleagues, work relationships, family, and customers if you're comfortable with it. You want to build a brand that's trusted and authentic.

How Can EventStar365 Help Build Your Brand?

It takes a lot to build a reputable brand, and EventStar365 can help! With EventStar365's event creation flow, you can create content ahead of time and schedule them to post on EventStar365 based on your schedule. A few work moments translate into weeks of building your brand while you watch.


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