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How To Sell More Tickets

Updated: Feb 22

You did it! You're hosting an event. Now the easy part - selling tickets for it. Easy, right? Right. Don't let this intimidate you. Here are some secrets to help drive ticket sales. Let's get into it.

How to sell more tickets for your event

Early Bird Pricing On Your Tickets

Leveraging different pricing models on your tickets can create a sense of urgency to capture your audience's attention. This sense of urgency helps make people buy their tickets quicker.

There are two types of early bird pricing: scarcity and waterfall. Each has its benefits, so choose the right option for you.

Scarcity Early Bird Pricing utilizes a bit of mystery because your audience doesn't know when the price will change. This strategy has the pricing expire after a pre-specified number of each ticket is sold.

Waterfall Early Bird Pricing has the registrants know when the price will change. Registrants can plan and be motivated to act before the price changes.

Offer Different Types Of Tickets

Offering different types of tickets allows you to market and reach a wider variety of your audience. Including different benefits within each ticket allows your registrants to choose their adventure (to a degree) of what they want to experience. Whether it's a meet-and-greet with guest speakers, early access to the venue, or even a complimentary gift bag.

Reward Your Returning Attendees

If this isn't your first event, then taking time to reward and applaud your returning attendees can make a big difference. Celebrating loyalty by providing special recognition, exclusive discounts, or benefits at the event instills the importance of returning to your events.

Location, Location, Location

It's important not to get tunnel vision when promoting your event. People are coming to your event, but most are also traveling to a new place. Choosing an event venue located in a popular travel destination can help boost your ticket sales. Traveling to a convention in Las Vegas has much more appeal than traveling to a convention in Piedmont, North Dakota.

Advertise attractions and local points of interest that may help push anyone on the fence to join. It's hard to say no to an event in a gorgeous and exciting city. If you can offer discounts or coupons, that's even more reason for people to attend.

Leverage Your Speakers

Your speakers are one of the main reasons people will attend your event, so leveraging them before the actual show can be incredibly impactful. Ask your speakers to promote their segments and even give a sneak peek of what they'll be discussing. It's a win-win. You get additional content through new channels to drive ticket sales, and they get more attendees excited to see them.

Most speakers will have a list. This could an email list or a list of phone numbers (think text messaging/SMS). Tapping into their community can pay huge dividends for you. Here’s the key though: you must present promoting your event to your speakers’ list as a win-win scenario for them. (work on that language, but you get the idea.

Add Paid Ads To Your Roster

If word-of-mouth marketing isn't getting you the results you're hoping for, you can always sprinkle in paid ads to help. Targeted ads which connect to your event registration page are a great way to gain additional exposure to potential attendees.

As the name suggests, these Paid Ads do require some budget behind them. Most ads are only billed when someone clicks on them (Pay-Per-Click). Some of our favorite paid platforms are Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

How Can EventStar365 Help You Sell More Tickets?

Selling tickets can be intimidating but with EventStar365 in your corner, you can easily register your guests, empower your guests to manage their tickets, and create an amazing marketing page. Here’s why EventStar365 is the best partner for you.

  • Unlimited ticket types: Create a tiered experience for your guests by offering as many ticket types, which bring their own benefits.

  • Intuitive ticket management: Your guests can easily manage their own tickets leading up to your event. They can invite others, they can transfer, they can update. All from with EventStar365.

  • Stunning marketing pages: Create beautiful marketing pages that showcase your event in seconds. Gorgeous imagery, powerful messaging and it’s all about you.

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