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Let's Chat Venue Safety

Updated: Feb 22

Venue safety tips for your event

It's crucial to assess whether your pre-pandemic, tried-and-true venues can still satisfy safety criteria for your region as we gradually return to live events. Before your tickets ever go on sale, choosing a location and reducing risk can be aided by taking the time to conduct your own event risk assessment at each stage of the preparation process. For you to keep visitors safe and engaged while you plan your next event, we've put together a list of elements to think about.

The Process

You know that preparation is key for any situation, but the COVID-19 epidemic has made this even more critical. Cap your attendance number in accordance with the maximum number of guests a location may host after considering social distancing norms. Luckily, with EventStar365, you can set or adjust the limit in seconds. When choosing how to organize your event, think about doing a survey of your participants to learn more about their comfort level with in-person events. A hybrid event with a virtual component is an excellent choice if many ticket buyers are still hesitant to attend live.

The COVID-19 limits are not the same everywhere, so when you're arranging your event, make sure you get the most recent information on local laws and consult your sources periodically so that you are aware of anything that has changed.

Before the Event Starts

After you've chosen your location and made your event plans, pay close attention to your pre-event preparations. Consult the CDC recommendations and confirm that your venue has adequate ventilation. Ask if there is a cleaning crew on site, and if so, confirm that their cleaning and disinfecting procedures adhere to CDC standards. It may also be helpful to know how soon before the event your venue will be cleaned, and if you will need to allocate workers or hire a cleaning service to disinfect surfaces following shifts or waves of attendees.

Prior to the event, make attendees aware of the safety procedures you have in place and the repercussions of breaking them. Provide clear instructions on what guests must do to ensure everyone's safety, such as wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from other participants. If you're not sure where to begin, look at our email template for informing visitors about your safety procedures.

During the Event

By making guests aware of your expectations, you can keep the space organized, effective, and as touch-free, as you can. Post notices throughout the event remind people to dress appropriately and use social distance. Think about putting up signs telling your attendees how to wash their hands properly in the restrooms and at the hand-washing stations.

According to current CDC recommendations, even fully immunized individuals should wear proper face coverings among those who are not yet immunized or who may not yet be immunized. In order to show guests how to correctly wear face coverings, have your personnel model proper face covering usage. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure to inform your participants in advance of the event about any mandatory attendance rules.

In addition to wellness questionnaires, you might require more thorough screening of visitors when they show up at your event, including giving COVID-19 temperature checks or requesting confirmation of vaccination. In order to conduct proper screening and temperature checks at their event entrances, ServedUp collaborated with an event medic firm.


Your COVID-19 event risk assessment is likely to show that there will always be some dangers at your event, but in-person events can still be held safely if the proper safety measures are taken. Prior to your event, stay informed on local rules and regulations, and even check in on the day of to make sure it is wise to move forward with your plans. Consider going online if you encounter obstacles that prevent your event from taking place. If there is no other choice but to cancel or postpone your event, take advantage of the chance to do so politely while still earning the attendees' trust.

Ready to Plan Your Next Event?

If you perform an event risk assessment and socially distance yourself, it's not hard to put on a fun event while keeping guests and workers safe. Visit the CDC's website on safe gatherings for more details about COVID-19 event safety measures.


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