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Let's Hop On The Food Truck Bandwagon

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Adding food trucks to your event will elevate the experience for participants.

A food truck has a certain appeal that causes onlookers to pause and eat. People adore food trucks, and some of them even have a devoted following. Additionally, because catering trucks are adaptable, they are a smart choice for outdoor events like art fairs and cultural festivals. It makes sense why adding food trucks to your site is such a great strategy to draw crowds.

Interested in learning how to have a food truck at your event? Read on to discover some innovative suggestions for finding food trucks to hire at events and how to pull off a draw that draws a crowd.

Main Attraction To Food Trucks

No matter whatever version of the food truck's history you accept, there's no denying the influence these mobile restaurants - especially in recent years - have had on how we eat. Nowadays, it's difficult to stroll down the street without coming across a cart serving up delicious food. Whatever you're desiring, a food truck undoubtedly has something to sate it. But why are food trucks becoming so popular, besides being convenient and having a wide range of options?


The food truck industry was booming before the outbreak. But restaurant closings and occupancy restrictions boosted their popularity. And it appears that consumers and event attendees are now preferring a mobile dining experience over a traditional one.

Additionally, food trucks provide restauranters the freedom to test out a fresh business strategy. Business owners have greater freedom thanks to mobile eating, which enables them to try out novel menu items in a relaxed setting.

A Pull-In For Foodies

Everyone adores food trucks. Another benefit of hiring a food truck for an event is that some mobile vendors even have devoted social media followers who follow their every move. Working with a catering truck attracts foodies who want to sample items from their preferred provider. The best location to advertise your event is on social media. Therefore, work along with your preferred food truck provider to take advantage of their fan base.


You know how difficult it may be to choose the food for your event as the event planner. A food and beverage collaboration, however, can lighten the burden.

For instance, you won't need to develop a food safety strategy if you hire food vendors for events. Food trucks are in charge of maintaining public health because they possess their own licenses. By doing so, you can concentrate on what you do best, which is organizing amazing events.

How To Add Food Trucks To Your Event

There is a mobile vendor that fits the tone you wish to create for your event. Here are some suggestions for food truck events to get you started.

Fresh And Local

Are you hosting a home and garden event? Give your visitors exciting green options. Of course, a food truck vendor serving salads or other foods made with fresh local vegetables would be the most logical choice. Additionally, you are allowed to add vegan and sustainably sourced foods.


Children and restaurants don't always make for the easiest experience. Dining with family members might be challenging due to high-chair wrangling and monitoring table etiquette. Therefore, they might choose a simpler and less complicated dining experience.

Offer family-friendly options to allow families to enjoy eating out without the bother. Families can purchase something for their children at one of your contracted food vendors rather than stopping for a kids' lunch on the way. Don't forget about the parents while offering the typical kid favorites like sliders and chicken fingers. Include food trucks serving choices that adults will also enjoy.

New And Different

The appeal of food trucks is that they expose customers to novel tastes. Look for food truck vendors who serve authentic fare if you want to create a particular cultural atmosphere. Think about organizing a regular food truck event that showcases ethnically diverse cuisine. This can encourage inclusion and diversity while respecting other traditions.

Competitive And Fun

Don't be scared to have fun and make the food trucks the focal point of your event. You could, for instance, arrange a competition and invite nearby mobile caterers to display their best dishes. You may even promote participation by allowing attendees to vote on the best meal. Using this kind of creativity in conjunction with food is a fantastic approach to exploit it as a tourist attraction.

Organizing a celebration with an artistic theme? Request that retailers give their signature items an artistic twist. A pizza truck, for instance, might experiment with novel toppings and recipes.

Plus, if you use Kwivrr, you'll be able to easily advertise and monitor registrations from anywhere. Update the event page with the list of vendors who are coming, and talk about the art contests and such, all from your phone.

Make Your Event A Hit With Food Trucks

Your desire for a delectable snack from a food truck is certainly growing by this point. You can use this article to help you plan your next food truck adventure with your next event!


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