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What Is Event Management? Why Does It Matter To Me?

Updated: Feb 22

what is event management

Whether you're planning a family get-together or a ten thousand person occasion, event management is the core of executing a successful gathering.

By definition, Event Management oversees all logistics leading up to, during, and after an event. It requires being organized and the ability to multitask and adapt to the event's moving parts.

Elements Of Event Management

Event Management can be boiled down to four main aspects:

  1. Curating The Event

  2. Promoting The Event

  3. Managing The Attendees

  4. Measuring The Success

Curating The Event

Where do you start? We recommend deciding on a purpose for the event. Once you land on your goal, you can start working on the theme, which turns into content, speakers, and finding a venue. Once you have the information, it's time to build a web page and promote it. Luckily, with EventStar365, you can do this in a few easy steps and end with a stunning web page. Plus, EventStar365 has a built-in payment processor, so that's one less thing you need to worry about.

Promoting The Event

This is the absolute most crucial part. How will people register to attend if you don't get the word out? The best approach is to spread the word through every platform available to you: social media, text messages, emails. You want your audience to see your event practically everywhere you'll turn.

Managing The Attendees

Event management isn't just about finding the right venue. It's about cultivating relationships and connections with you and your guests. The more your attendees enjoy the event, the more likely they will return. While you're at the event, make sure the guests can easily manage their tickets and gather as many leads as possible. This will be important for communications and proving your event successful with the ROI.

Proving Your Event Successful

Your event is over! Your work is done, not! Now it's time for you to figuratively put pen to paper and prove that your event was successful. Gut feelings are powerful, but data can't be ignored.

If Only There Were A Solution To Help With This

Why does event management matter to you? Because if you ignore it, it'll be the little gremlin sabotaging your experience. But not to worry, with the right tools, you will be planning events with your eyes closed. EventStar365 is an event management platform that makes it easy to put together a remarkable event. EventStar365 offers intuitive ticket management for you and your guests. It includes quick access to reporting and allows you to send in-the-moment emails to your attendees and those interested in attending.


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