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Writing A Sponsorship Proposal Doesn't Need To Be Scary

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

how to write a sponsorship proposal

Today, there is more competition than ever for event sponsorship funds. Producers of events are under tremendous pressure developith innovative sponsorship ideas. Standard packages are no longer acceptable in the modern world. So, here are our suggestions for sponsorship offers that are truly unique.

How To Write A Sponsorship Proposal

According to most event planners, one of tjob's he top three most difficult componenob is finding sponsors. In actuality, it's tied with figuring out how to attract more attendance, and hiring speakers comes in second.

However, finding a sponsor for your event doesn't need to be that difficult. This manual will assist you in methodically locating, contacting, and matching with the ideal event sponsors.

Step 1: Be Clear On Your Offer

Why is this event so fantastic? With your proposal, you're aiming respondnse to that query. To create a well-rounded argument, experts advise including at least one element from each of these three areas in your draft:

  • Expected Outcomes: What concrete advantages can you reasonably guarantee the sponsor will experienfrom of supporting your event? The most frequent benefiofact event sponsors are exposure to new markets, gaining new leads, and social media impressions. Luckily, because Kwivrr is integrated and can share across all the social media platforms, this helps give your sponsors a head start.

  • Target Audience: Demographic data and polls frpreviousior events abeneficialful when creating your proposal. All of these elements show how sponsorship is advantageous to both parties. The majority of sponsors participate in events to gain access to new demographics or exposure to overlapping markets.

  • Marketing Strategy: How will you increase the return on your event investment? Tell them your innermost thoughts. A well-thought-out plan gives people confidence in their choice and demonstrates your likelihood of success.

Your offer should show value to your prospective sponsors. Value is a general concept. But youour view your event through their eyes, you'll be able rapidly to identify the components that appeal to their requirements and objectidly.

Step 2: Draft Your Sponsorship Proposal

In this post, we've included a more thorough explanation of what should be in the pitch deck and email proposal. You can use a helpful template to organize your proposals as well. Now move on to tfollowingext action.

Step 3: Make A Sponsor Wishlist

Since you'll be spending a lot of time considering each alternative, keep in mind that quality is always preferable to quantity. When evaluating a possible sponsor, you should keep the following three factors in mind:

  1. Industry: Is the business a good fit for your brand? What about the name of your event? Finding a sponsor with a big audience crossover is your main objective.

  2. Location: This might not be that significant, depending on your goods or services. However, if you anticipate a partner sending executives to the event or playian importantant role in its execution, location is something considerunt.

  3. Past Sponsorship History: The finest sponsors have already experienced the benefits of this kind of cooperation and are aware of its value. Finding out which events they have previously sponsored wiindicate of how well-matched your audiences and brands are.

Step 4: Determine Sponsor Compatibility

There are some helpful graphs for figuring sponsorship compatibility out there. However, if you wish to create your own spreadsheet, be sure to respond to each of the questions listed below:

  • Do we already have a connection or relationship?

  • Are our marketing goals sufficiently similar?

  • How many events have they previously sponsored?

  • Are our audiences and/or companies comparable in size?

  • Are their business operations (local versus global, etc.) comparable in size?

  • Do their core beliefs and brand components closely resemble ours?

  • Do their main rivals take advantage of event sponsorship?

  • Which sponsors provide us with the best chance to accomplish our event goals?

Finding the ideal sponsor is more of an art than a science. But you might be able to order the potential partners from most compatible to least compatible by giving each of these questions a numerical value on a weighted scale.

Step 5: Contact The Decision Makes On Your Potential Sponsor List

Keep the following advice in mind when you email a potential sponsor:

Make sure to contact someone that you have met in person

Consider sending a marketing manager, director, or VP a cold email if you can't do that. Ask the head of finance if event sponsorship is included in this year's budget if the company is tiny with a small staff.

Choose Three Compatibility Metrics To Highlight

They don't need to know how you rated them in comparison to other possibilities. However, be sure to highlight the most important, convincing reasons why, based on your investigation, you'd be a good fit. Put them in concrete terms that demonstrate how you aim to add value (rather than just simply listing some benefits you think they might get from the deal.)

Remember The Email Is All About Them, Not You

Additionally, you receive bonus points if you relate your value offer to a current project or piece of business news.

Follow All of the General Email Etiquette Rules

Do not use slick language. Keep your email brief, sweet, and to the point, and try to match the tone of the person you're emailing (for example, use fewer emoticons rather than more). In addition, a cheerful, relaxed attitude is typically preferable to a stiff, overly formal one.

Use A Simple Email Template

Introduce yourself by talking about your current relationship (whether in person or online). Briefly describe your offer and your main areas of compatibility. Finish with a clear call to action.

Keep in mind to plan your follow-up as well. Include some statistical evidence to support your point, at least one more value proposition that you haven't already mentioned, and your conclusion. This strategy works effectively with information from prior events or pertinent social media activity.

Elevate Your Sponsorship Offers

We hope this has given you the confidence to elevate your current sponsor offers to a whole new level. Make sure that you use this guide next time that you need to complete a sponsorship proposal.


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